Strategy and Planning

We provide both strategic and operational planning services depending on the client's needs. Strategic planning includes identifying internal and external technical and business drivers, identifying internal and external gaps, and then setting a comprehensive set of goals. We then also can deliver a strategic plan based on goals, resources, and gaps. We support clients in developing and implementing strategies for their commercialization programs, product development, and strategic sourcing. We work collaboratively with clients to produce tangible and transformational results.

Strategic Planning

The technical maturity (technology readiness level, TRL), and strategic corporate factors ultimately dictate the types of viable commercialization strategies. A robust strategic plan fulfills many needs, including being profitable and sustainable. We understand what the issues are that define this framework, and can efficiently gather this information and drive strategy definition (see our Case Study here).

Elements of success:

  • Listening to the client's needs and wants.
  • Investigating the client's capabilities and gaps.
  • Identifying current state of technology and market. Estimating trends.
  • Communicating and verifying analyses and plans.

Product (Process) Scaling Strategy

Our track record of successfully scaling technologies in a range of technical maturity and business risk situations, gives us the range of experience and depth of understanding to tailor a scaling strategy to virtually any situation.

Elements of success:

  • Identifying technology maturity and anticipated business risk.
  • Developing outline of capabilities, gaps, and goals.
  • Developing business and technical goals.

Technoeconomic Analysis

Technoeconomic services include detailed, independent project level and full portfolio analysis based on actual performance drivers to provide accurate market assessments and financial projections.

Elements of success:

  • Acquiring the latest market, technology, and project data
  • Providing independent analysis to ensure finding credibility.
  • Consider trade-offs to optimize solutions that meet strategic goals.

Market Research and Analysis

Our market research and analysis focuses on determining the relevance of a particular strategy. By identifying the potential size of the market as well as alternatives and their strengths, we can highlight how likely a given strategy can succeed, and develop insights for strengthening plans.

Elements of success:

  • Identifying market forces and participants.
  • Identifying gaps and values.
  • Determining size of market and alternative products/solutions.

Technology Transfer

We have deep experience arranging and driving technology transfers. These transfers can be within one organization, site-to-site, or client-to-vendor. Each of these situations requires a different approach, but all require a deep understanding to the two parties capabilities and knowledge. We set up the transfer and drive the process or train the parties to drive the transfer.

Elements of success:

  • Defining clear goals.
  • Identifying information/training needed by recipient (and originator).
  • Identifying and negotiating intellectual property limits.
  • Maintaining goal-appropriate two-way communications. Implementing communication controls.