Program Management

We have an excellent track record in program management, providing both operational and strategic planning services depending on the client’s needs (see our case study, here).

Project Execution

We develop the project plan to meet your needs by taking into account the size, complexity and duration of your project portfolio, and operational mode.  Common issues include scoping, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring. We then take into account the available resources and structure the plan accordingly.  We present our assessment to the client recognizing the project’s accomplishments to date, while identifying the issues, along with a corrective plan.

Elements of Success

  • Improving communication, stakeholder management.
  • Redefining the project in context of resources and purpose.
  • Resource planning, scheduling, and review.

Operational Planning and Execution

We work with organizations to help them deliver superior results through innovative productivity improvements and improved operational processes. When necessary, we can even drive implementation of the plan. We specialize in designing and developing efficient research and development operations. Recognizing that each company’s operational needs and goals are unique, our work begins with a careful review of our clients’ capabilities and current performance as well as their objectives. With a clear point of departure, we collaborate with our clients to plan and implement.

Elements of Success

  • Identify goals, strategy, and timeline.
  • Assemble schedule, milestone checkpoints, and potential mitigation strategies.
  • Communicate and implement plan, with appropriate review and revision.

Process Engineering

While the specific approach varies depending on the client’s situation, the overall framework identifies questions of throughput, specifications, yield, constraints, and costs. This also includes a clear understanding of the current and future product portfolio, what future footprint and capacity plan.

Elements of Success

  • Identify and integrate input and output specifications for the processes.
  • Determine process capabilities, throughput, and constraints.
  • Set up, use, and review proper metrology and measurement protocols.