Materials Science

We have extensive experience in developing or inventing new materials for high-technology and clean energy products. In any business situation that involves a critical materials issue, we have delivered the results that make a difference. Long-range or near-term, small venture or large corporation, we know what it takes to succeed, and plan and execute accordingly. Let us know what you want, and we will figure out how to make it or improve it.

Areas of  Key Expertise

  • Failure Analysis
  • Materials Research and Development
  • Materials Characterization
    • Compositional
    • Structural
    • Microstructural
    • Electrical
    • Optical
    • Mechanical
  • Thin-film Physics
  • Materials Integration
  • Process Development
  • Process Integration
  • Measurement Development


Materials Expertise

  • Material Deposition & Formation
  • Electronic Materials
    • Semiconductors
    • Transparent conductors
    • Diffusion barriers
    • Thin-films
    • Interfaces
    • Optical Coatings
  • Energy Storage Materials
    • Lithium-based materials
  • Sensing Materials
  • Cleaning & Surface Preparation