Not all plans are created equal. The only goal of commercialization is to reduce risk on the path to profitable operation. The stage of the program, the complexity of the equipment and processes, the cost profile of materials, and technology maturity all define risk, but in different ways. Pick the wrong one and the odds of success take a hit. Fortunately regardless of maturity, cost, and complexity, there is an optimal path; they key is to find it and use it.

Our technical strategies produce successful outcomes in many business situations. We have a proven track record from boot-strapped start-ups to Fortune 20 corporations. We have executed programs ranging from research concepts through high-volume manufacturing demonstrations. We know what information we need and what questions to ask. We know how to pull together the schedule and milestones to ensure a smooth flowing program with key checkpoints.

We will find an optimal method for producing or scaling your product. Our experience includes all aspects of process development and integration; from basic research to high-volume manufacturing; from technical planning through program execution.

Organizational Management

Setting priorities and goals of an organization are framed in the context of internal capabilities and resources, external realities, and time. We set the approach based on these constraints, and can guide the organization towards an optimal set of priorities and goals (see our Case Studies here and here.) Depending on the client's needs we can develop and execute plans at the appropriate level of detail.

Elements of Success:

  • Identifying the client's resources, constraints, and requirements.
  • Understand the market environment (current and projected).
  • Collaboratively identify and refine priorities, then goals.

Operational Management

We provide operational management services that complement the client's needs. Please see our offerings here.

Materials Research

At the research stage, the success is measured by demonstrating that either the material can even be made, or if the material performs as desired. Our success in creating new materials  is based on out Materials Science and research  background. We set up and implement these types of programs where the focus is to determine what it takes to demonstrate that the material works, and learn what are the critical physical relationships in process or materials performance. We know what it takes to invent or improve the material, and will be able to prove it or refine the path forward. (See case study here.)

Manufacturing Scaling

Scaling manufacturable processes requires a different set of issues compared to laboratory or pilot scale processes. Because often the capital investment and risk tolerance are high that success is a matter of "when" instead of "if". Therefore we set up and implement programs where the focus is proving how well the next stage works and meeting throughput and cost targets, while meeting performance specifications. (See case study here.)

Line Design and Analysis

Line design is the embodiment of unit processes and the process flow. Proper design is critical for commercial success. We understand the interplay between process flow and the line, and how to learn from existing line capabilities to refine the next line generation. In situations where no line exists, we draw on our deep experience in process integration to develop a prototype line. (See case study here.)

Elements of success:

  • Well-defined line specifications.
  • Detailed process line analysis.
  • Efficient line experimentation and optimization.

Process Integration

All successful commercialization efforts require robust process integration plans, and is our core strength. We can successfully integrate process flows from research concepts to production line demonstrations.

Elements of success:

  • Identify product specifications, and program goals.
  • Identify unit process specifications.
  • Execute key experimentation to exercise process limits on schedule.

Vendor Evaluation

We have deep experience in finding external vendors to ensure the best resources are available your program. This includes identification and vetting of solution providers to ensure the best fit for your particular projects as well as support for your contract negotiations.

Elements of success:

  • Maintaining focus on finding optimal solutions that work for all.
  • Staying up-to-date on offerings of key market vendors.
  • Leverage successful prior experience / consider alternative solutions in unique situations.

Capital Equipment Acquisition

Many commercialization plans include some aspect of capital equipment acquisition. Acquisition can include purchase of existing new or used equipment, or even the invention of new equipment, depending on technology specifics. We can identify the equipment options, and drive the project through all steps: strategy, definition, specification, vendor identification, contract negotiations, delivery, installation, and validation.

Process Development

Process development forms the basis of any commercialization program. All processes require the same overall approach: identifying the output specifications, mapping the functionality of the process, and closing or optimizing process conditions. Our experience from the dozens of processes developed in the semiconductor, solar, and energy storage fields, gives us a solid foundation on which to develop new processes.