Technology Assessment

We are experts in materials and process technology-related assessment and analysis. Our assessments consider the viability, efficiency, and trade-offs between different options. We rely on a detailed  understanding of the technology, an analysis of potential markets and costs, and risk identification.

Selected Types of Assessment:

  • Technoeconomic Analysis
  • Technology Readiness Evaluation
  • Competitor/Customer Research
  • Industry Research
  • Expert Witness and Testimony

Elements of Success:

  • Detailed and vetted research.
  • Identification of key knowns and unknowns.
  • Thorough sensitivity analysis.

Technology Analysis

We develop technology analyses examining current and recent developments globally and identify opportunities. We have performed analyses of opportunities for renewable energy, energy storage, semiconductors, solid-state lighting, sensors, and water purification. Our approach has been to examine the technology from a process or use viewpoint, including the roles of current trends and the potential for technology disruption.

Manufacturability Analysis


We have developed a niche expertise in Manufacturability Analysis; providing the framework for understanding cost, technical risk analysis, program planning, and decision-making.  It essentially the identifies and formulates a picture of the readiness of a technology for manufacturing and identification of the primary gaps (see our presentation here).

The elements of a Manufacturability Analysis include:

  • Product Definition (Specifications)
  • Product Value
  • Market/Value Chain Fit
  • Manufacturing Flow
  • Cost Analysis
  • Throughput and Resource Analysis