We are a technology management and manufacturing consulting firm. Our expertise produces successful outcomes in many business situations, disciplines, and technological maturities. We have a proven track record from boot-strapped start-ups to Fortune 20 corporations, from operational execution, to advanced research and strategic planning.


We have deep experience in many highly technical fields, including clean energy (solar, energy storage, solid‐state lighting), semiconductor (CMOS, sensors), and sustainable technologies. Our ability to develop key insights enables us to deliver crucial and innovative results in these markets and others.


Solving materials problems comes naturally to us. We are recognized experts in developing and integrating complex materials systems, and solving thorny process development. Solutions range from the innovative to the time‐tested, but always appropriate, from fundamental research concept to manufacturing release.

We are a management and technology consulting firm dedicated to the deployment of clean energy and sustainable technologies. Our expertise ranges from managing organizations and developing technologies. We have over 20 years of experience in successfully developing and  commercializing complex materials technologies. Our experience is concentrated in several industries, including photovoltaics (solar), solid-state lighting (SSL, e.g. LED), energy storage, semiconductors, and sensors.

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